Christian’s Amazing Experience

Christian’s Amazing Experience

Christian Nazario Padilla is a second-year pharmacy student, that saw the opportunity, took the chance and went on a medical mission with us to Guatemala, becoming one of our beloved ambassadors and a hero for the Guatemalan people

“I learned that this kind of activity is the one that is able to feed the mind and soul. Such reward cannot be labeled with a price.”

Here is his testimony:

“As a second-year pharmacy student, I must say the Guatemala medical mission has been one of the greatest experiences I have had in my life. It is incredible how you can connect with the people that you are helping and how grateful they are in return. This trip truly opened my eyes to the reality we are facing when treating the global health and demonstrated some steps in the correct path to undertake such task.
During the mission, many situations and problems are presented to you throughout each day that requires knowledge and teamwork to find a solution. Lessons like these can only be learned and truly appreciated when experiencing these circumstances. These were the lessons that helped me discover more about myself and others around me, including my fellow NOVA students who became a family for me. The moments that I lived in this mission will always be with me for the rest of my life.

I learned that this kind of activity is the one that is able to feed the mind and soul. Such reward cannot be labeled with a price. It can only be appreciated with gratefulness and further participation in other missions, in order to truly make a change.
Also, I wanted to thank NOVA Southeastern University, the Emmaus Organization and Jose’s Hands for giving me the opportunity to participate. I am forever grateful and, hopefully, I can participate again in your missions”

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